SMPP Error Code Handling in NowSMS

The default SMPP error code handling behaviour for NowSMS with an SMPP connection is as follows: For most SMPP error codes, NowSMS will assume that the error is temporary, and retry message delivery with a delayed retry schedule. The exceptions to this are detailed below: The following error conditions cause NowSMS to record a message delivery failure and NOT retry sending: ESME_RINVDSTADDR...

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From time to time we get asked questions about USSD support in NowSMS. The quick answer is that, yes, NowSMS can support USSD … assuming that you can connect to the USSD gateway using SMPP. SMPP extensions have been defined specifically for the support of USSD, so that you don’t have to use yet another protocol. However, before you get too excited … let me explain how USSD works...

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